Thursday 10 June 2010

Sweating the small stuff - an idea whose time has come

Take a look at this TED talk.

I remember at my last corporate job, as CFO, being frustrated with the User Interface of the applications we expected our employees to use. The stand-out example was the "Change Control System" - if you needed access to a website that was blocked, you needed to fill out a request. In that form, you had to fill in a field for something like "by when do you want this done?"

And there were these lovely drop-down lists. For date : 1-31; Month: 1-12; Year: 2000-2099; and I kid you not, Hours; Minutes; and Seconds as well had to be specified. And there were no defaults. So everyone who wanted access to a website, had to get into these six drop down lists and select the exact date and time to the second when he wanted this change to happen.

Get a Chief Detail Officer. Or as David Pogue recounts at another TED talk, get a "Tap Counter"

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