After much thought, I quit working for someone else and am pursuing my own interests. Which include 
1. Business model design - nothing more important than figuring out how it will be sustainable for all concerned
2. Art, craft & design - the beauty of life
3. How to improve the quality of governance in India. There are many parts to this, quite a few draw from my other interests
4. How to improve the future for the large majority - the basic answer is education, but then there's Heckman to consider too. I would love a non-linear solution to teaching English to all of India. Brij Kothari has part of the answer.
5. Quality management systems of all kinds to improve performance. I'm a strong believer that incremental improvements can lead to big changes. But radical innovation has a place too. Toyota is my thing, as is benchmarking, better form design, simple english, minimize paperwork. Read Atul Gawande to see the hidden opportunity available in US healthcare. And think Pattern Design
6. User Experience - I think of it as judo for the mind. How to design things that works with the way we think, rather than needing a manual
7. Cognitive sciences in general, including behavioural economics, persuasion, neuro marketing, expertise theory, all are of interest
8. Finally, happiness. That is the end objective of life. There are basically 3 kinds of happiness - the indulgent one (chocolate, booze, drugs, serial marriage ... the next high), Flow (when time flies) and the long term one - meeting big objectives, etc. There is actually quite a large science around happiness.
I am the Founder & CEO of Ajadé. I try to help Owners & CEO of startups. They are the loneliest people in organisations, and need a sounding board and trusted advisor. I am not a Executive Coach, but would like to be. If coaching work for sportstars, why not for executives (including me !). I typically work for expenses + equity.
The boring stuff - Bachelors of Economics from Delhi (Shri Ram College of Commerce), MBA from Ahmedabad, worked in ICICI Limited nearly 8 years, Enron India for 4 years, including 6 months after the bankruptcy and lastly with Firstsource Solutions Limited, where I joined pre-revenue as CFO and spent 6 and a half years there.
I spend my time following up on various side interests, including swimming better, playing tennis, learning to scuba dive, learning to sing in pitch ... there are too many to list
Rahul can be contacted at rahul (at) ajade (dot) in or +91 90960 39878.

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