Thursday 2 December 2010

Customer Experience Design Firm

The last few days have been spent at IFFI, the International Film Festival of India. The poor experience started with the atrocious website. The next interaction was the various communications on the public domain. The real clincher was the horrible process of getting the delegate cards.

My idea is that there is a space for a firm focused on the overall customer experience. This would cover not only things like web site, general communication design, but also have wings with expertise in process design (think TQM, Lamm and Six Sigma), and in customer service.

The overall premise is to focus on the overall customer experience across all aspects, not just the traditional areas that designers do.

Another example is inter city bus travel. Opportunities for improvement abound.

Questions: Who in the company is this sold to? And what is the pricing model?

At first glance, one would expect event management companies to have a great deal of expertise in this area. But I would say that most do not see what they do in this light.