The two most frequent questions we encounter about Ajadé are (a) how do you pronounce it, and (b) what does it mean
Ajadé [ä'zh ä d-A] noun
Noun : 1. Name of a leading consulting firm
A simple rhyme to help pronounce ajadé (courtesy Jerry Pinto)
A as in the a of art
j as in the s in pleasure 
a as in art again
That will give you the measure
Of the d as in fields where one makes hay
And the e as in a of the same...hey!

What do you do ?
Ajadé is a consulting firm focusing on startups and small companies looking to scale. We help entrepreneurs design and implement their business model for profitability and rapid growth. This is across traditional business, non-profits, and social enterprises.

Why would a startup need a consultant ?
The idea is that entrepreneurs usually have the passion, the industry knowledge and most of the skills necessary for successfully scaling their entity. Ajadé helps the entrepreneur in designing the appropriate business model, foresee challenges that would arise from step changes in scale, help in recruitment of senior staff, etc.

How are you paid
Ajadé would expect to be compensated by way of a small retainer fee and substantially by equity in the startup.

Who are a part of Ajadé
Rahul Basu is the Founder & CEO of Ajadé.

How do we get in touch ?
Rahul can be contacted at rahul (at) ajade (dot) in or +91 90960 39878.

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