Thursday 3 June 2010

Government Ideas

Interesting model. A variant of this came to me during a visit to Badami where I found the Archeological Society was doing a great job, but its pamphlets and brochures could be improved. The idea was to have a website where people could post things in government that can be improved (in this case, the brochure about Badami). If I had particular solutions for the problem, which will happen reasonably often (I recognised the problem because I have a bent towards improving communication through design), then there is an option to suggest the solution. The organisation ("Improve Your Life") behind the website tries to figure out who in which Government department needs to be contacted to deal with this information. Ideally, Improve Your Life also works out a strategy by which the idea gets implements. In this particular case, it could be working out a sponsorship deal with a FMCG company to sponsor the printing of this material. This could then be provided free to the Government Department. Ideally, the designer with the solution can be part of the eventual graphic production and get credit, and even paid. 

I just came across Sunlight Labs, which had a contest "Design for America". Very interesting concept - Open contest for design which makes Government more understandable. Can we do one for India ? Will the Government accept the designs ?

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